Episode 1

Published on:

8th Apr 2021

The Season Opener

The official first episode. The beginning of something...something different...something sports.

It's baseball season and I'm gonna share with you some good stuff and the day when I fell in love with sports.


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This year will be even better than the last! We’ve partnered with some fantastic organizations who are helping us raise even more money!

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About the Podcast

Sports on the Brain
Sports on the Brain cuts to the core of the sports we love--something different from a fan just like you.
Sports rewards those who go beyond the surface and dig deeper.
I'm Mando, wired a little differently, and this podcast is all about the hot topics, the people, their stories, what the "experts" are saying, and my own take and two cents--and I wanna know what you're thinking too.
If you love sports and want something different, then this is the podcast for you.

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