Episode 13

Published on:

19th Jun 2021

My NY teams, let's go Mets...no love for the Nets and the BIG announcement.

My NY teams, no love for the Nets and summer break is coming! I just want to share with you guys and gals who I love in NY sports and how much I love this podcast thing...it's you, that's it.

And I have something to say...like that's a surprise.




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Sports on the Brain
The place to get your New York sports fix and so much more from your host, a kid (not so young anymore) from Queens, NY.
This is Sports on the Brain and I am your humble host Mando. This is the place to be to get your New York sports and much more straight up!
I'm just a kid from Queens, New York, born and raised.
I eat, breathe, sleep and live NY Sports, especially the Giants, the Knicks, the Mets and the Rangers...and NASCAR too.
And it doesn't stop there...I love all sports...and not just for the scores.
It's about the stories that go along with it all and what it does to my head and heart!
So...Strap in and let's get it on!

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