Episode 15

Published on:

7th Oct 2021

Back in the New York Groove!

Sports on the Brain is back!

As your humble host Michael, I am back after a break (literally a rib break...lol) with all of your New York Sports from the perspective of a die hard NY sports fan...a kid from Queens!

This episode I say hello again to my fellow Giants, Mets, Knicks and Rangers fans...I really missed you guys and gals. Don't worry, I will not forget the Jets, Yankees or Islanders fans...I've got brothers rooting for the other side too.

We have a special NFC East football roundtable with the guys from the YouTube sensation, Nothing Snooty. Matt and Steve may be Cowboys and Washington fans but they're alright...lol...and they know their stuff. It will be fun!

So c'mon down...strap in and let's get it on!

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Sports on the Brain
The place to get your New York sports fix and so much more from your host, a kid (not so young anymore) from Queens, NY.
This is Sports on the Brain and I am your humble host Mando. This is the place to be to get your New York sports and much more straight up!
I'm just a kid from Queens, New York, born and raised.
I eat, breathe, sleep and live NY Sports, especially the Giants, the Knicks, the Mets and the Rangers...and NASCAR too.
And it doesn't stop there...I love all sports...and not just for the scores.
It's about the stories that go along with it all and what it does to my head and heart!
So...Strap in and let's get it on!

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